Our Inked and Pink line is managed and designed by Whitney Bozzer.  100% of all profit is donated to benefit Breast Cancer Awareness.  Watch Whitney's video and read what she had to say about Inked and Pink below.

Barbells for Boobs - 'Whitney's Story' from 13Productions on Vimeo.

"During my ten year fight with breast cancer, I used tattoos (My Ink!) as a representation of a new milestone.  An achievement in kicking cancer's ass and taking back my body from something threatening.  It's beautiful, empowering and became part of me similarly to the way the color pink has always been represented somewhere on me.  Although the color pink is synonymous with Breast Cancer Awareness, to me, the color pink has come to represent strength, determination and living a full life.  Pink is pride.  We always hear messages of "surviving" but Inked & Pink is my way of representing much more than surviving.  It's living the life you envision for yourself - Active, healthy and beautiful.  Inked & Pink is never quitting.  Don't survive or endure...Live your life." - Whitney